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compatibility P5W64 WS Professional


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Building new system.


Looked at the mem Configurator cannot find my board in the dd menu. Also searched on the forum. Did not find much info. Apologies if I missed the obvious...


Would this be OK?


C2 X6800

Asus P5W64 WS Professional


Tagan TG700-U25 700

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Thanks for the reply RG.


This will be a very high end system. Do you recommend this as the best option out of the box/stock, or for good oc'ing, or both?. I will oc them and intend to push them a bit.



Thanks again, as I can imagine you answer a 100 like me a day.

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If you want to over clock I would do a bit more research on the different models of MB's as far as I know the server/work station MB's do not have all of the options needed to over clock. And you would need to have the options for Memory timings, Voltage and Frequency as well as the CPU as well.
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