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Overclocking the AW9D-MAX


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Hi guys. my first thread on this forum :)


I have purchased some goods but I am missing the memory. I have used the features from the website to check which memory is compatible with the mobo but my mobo does not show up.


here are the specs

Seasonic s12 600w

Abit AW9D-Max

Intel core duo 2 e6600

1x 1800xt ati vidcard


I want to know which memory like the 6400c3 is as good as or even better for my system, because the 6400c3 is sold out everywhere in the world...


Greets, Ronald

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I have contacted Corsair and asked the question when the 6400c3's would be available again. They couldn't tell but they said the 6400c3df's would be available shortly! Is this true... than I will wait for a little while and buy me some value ddr2.
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