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International adress for RMA ?


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Hello, (excuse me for my poor english because i'm french:roll: ).


Having CORSAIR bad parts (Support ticket Case # 208192), i made a RMA request via the request form. I made it on Saturday September 28 but i didn't have any response yet. So, i wait for a response ...


Then, i would like to know the international RMA address.


Corsair Memory

Attn: Returns

46221 Landing Parkway

Fremont, CA 94538



That's OK. But where is the RMA center : USA ? Canada ? ... ?


Thanks for response about the address ... and maybe about my RMA request.

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Corsair's not open on the weekends, hence no response yet. As of this post it's 9:45 AM PST in California, where Corsair is located, so it'll be a little longer while they go through the RMAs from over the weekend. CA = California, USA. That is the only RMA center Corsair has.
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