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CL5 instead of CL4


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I have the next problem. I have the 2x1GB DDR2 SDRAM PC6400 CL4.0 TwinX memory from corsair and i bought this expesive memory because they were CL4 4-4-12. Nou my system is complete and i checked my bios i saw that they are running on different values :S


See image



This is what i want them to run




however finnaly i found the section in my bios where i can manuelly set the values. But when i change the my system boots untill windows and than shuts down or don't boot at all.


With this values he booted untill windows




Then i triet to change the DRAM Write recovery Time to 5 and the DRAM TRFC on 25. No boot at all.


I'm not experienced with this all but i know my memory can run at cl4 en the other 4 values. However i read something about changen the voltages of the memory. Myn is standaard but i read somewhere that you must change the to 2,1 v. I was very close to doeing this but the bios marked my selected voltage value (2,1v) with a red colour and that scared me so i discard it.



Please help me

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