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I need help finding some compatible DDR2 memory


* I don't do any overclocking at all, so I was wondering if the TWIN2X2048 5400C4 as suggested thru searches will work on this P5N32-SLI variant.


I pre-ordered this board (P5N32-SLI Premium). I am wonder what memory will work for it.


Its a newer version "Nvidia 590 SLI" soon to be released.

-Now, I just gotta find some RAM for it!


Is it safe to say that since it is a P5N32-SLI variant that all P5N32-SLI and P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe compatible DDR2 memory will run on it?




ASUS has a board out to pre-order, but nothing detailing DDR2 compatibility :eek:

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