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high memory voltage and Asus P5B first start up


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ive read about some problems using ram that needs high voltage at default

and a motherboard that boots at 1.8 volts. where you have to buy a module of cheap ram to boot a new computer and go into the bios and up the memory voltage then put in your real ram. using this module TWIN2X2048-8500C5D does

anybody know if i will have this problem with the Asus P5B deluxe? thanks for any help.

richie v.

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The problem as I've been following it is generally with the Gigabyte motherboards and in particular the Ga-965P-DS3 but perhaps others as well and Conroe. The problem however with the Ga-965P-DS3 has been fixed as of the F4 bios upgrade.


I haven't heard of anyone having a RAM problem with the board that you've listed. I'm curious, have you purchased the motherboard already? And are you intending to build a Conroe based system? If so I'm curious as to why you chose the Asus P5B deluxe over the somewhat more expensive ASUS P5W DH DELUXE which has a better reputation for higher overclocks than the P5B does.

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thanks for the advice. i actually just bought a e6300 at a computer show.

as i understand it the P5B has the ability to adjust the multiplier down which the P5W doesnt. so with this ram which is supposed to be 1066 speed,thats like 500mhz x 8 which equals 4000 mhz, with the P5B couldnt i drop the multi to 7

and then have a 3500mhz overclock? just wanted some options in case my cpu wasnt that good. thanks again for the help.so maybe the P5B wont even reach

500mhz memory would the P5W reach there?


richie v

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