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TWINX1024-3200XL-1T or 2T Command Rate?


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I am running TWINX1024-3200XL in dual channel mode and the latency settings are fine - boots auto as 2-2-2-5 but command rate is set to 2T when left on auto in BIOS. SO my question is simple- Can I or should I set command rate to 1T or not and if not why? I guess I really want to know if 2T is default or not. Everything is working great now on my system though, I just ran Prime95 Blend test for 9 hours straight and no worries.




EDIT: Actually, to save me posting more questions LOL Could you guys give me all timing settings for this ram on my system? Running a +3800 AMD 64 (single core)@ default speeds on Gigabyte GA-K8N-SLi (on which I am running Sli with 2x7600Gts). It;s just I am always curious about the less mentioned settings like refresh rates which have settings of 100,133,166,200, Mhz rach of these speeds coupled with 15n/7.8n/3n something. I have a vague idea what this means but I am not sure what is fastest to slowest ie higher latency or lower. and there are so many combinations, which one to use?


Sorry for the long post, Im pretty good with PCs but I want to overclock while making sure I get the best stability, and anything I have found on the web doesnt specifically mention these settings or my specific hardware. Thanks for reading this. :-D

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Yes, those ones I know about, but there are many other settings in BIOS which is what I was referring to. I should write them all down maybe :-) but thanks for clearing up the 1T thingy(just kidding I know its called "command rate").


If I am overcloking, what settings should I relax to ensure stability?

Sorry for all the questions but I've never had RAM this good before so I never bothered messing with more than just the basic stuff :-)


I don't have sdram it's DDR so no bank interleave settings, oh and my BIOS doesn't let me go over 2.8 anyway. It's pretty limited in that sense, in fact it doesn't even apply the CPU coltage i give it, it's stuck at 1.392 (in CPU-z). Think I'll be getting a DFI M/B next upgrade :-)

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