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Waiting period for RMA number?


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How long should I have to wait for an RMA#?


1) Express support receives RMA request. 9/18/2006 11:59:10 PM

2) Issued Case # 205570

3) Received email on 9/20/2006 for additional help to try for my bad module

4) Returned email with further information.

5) Received email on 9/21/2006 stating that my RMA had been approved and that I would be receiving an email within 24hrs. This was never received.

6) Send email on 9/24/2006 to warranty@corsairmemory.com with case number and requested an RMA number.

7) Received response back on 9/25/2006 asking to fill out a form with further information (information that is already logged in my case number.)

8) Returned email back with attached file and information as requested.


It is now 9/28/2006 and I have yet to receive an RMA number.


Please Advise!



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