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Bad 1GB RAM for Apple Powerbook G4

Josh Margulis

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I purchased a 1GB RAM module from Fry's Electronics on 9/21/05 that has worked wonderfully for about a year. My Powerbook G4 began having problems recently and Apple Authorized Technicians determined that the problem is with my 1GB RAM module from Corsair. Fry's Electronics return/exchange policy is 30 days after the purchase, and it has now been more than a year, so I cannot exchange it with them.


Here are the details of my RAM module:



S/N: 786- 0538105-0 -251823


I checked your memory configurator and found CMSS1GB-333SOD to be the recommendation. I'm not sure if this is equivalent with my part number. Please let me know what to do.


Thanks, Josh

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