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ga 81915g duo doesn't work with CM2X512-5400c4?


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Hi guys, i just bought and installed CM2X512-5400c4. My comp. spec is

p4 2.8ht 800fsb

Gigabyte GA 8i915g duo (support ddr2 600, 533 & 400

Msi NX7600gt 256mb

WD 80g sata1

SB live 5.1

Imation combo drive.

This new ram is only run at 533 and i don't mind about it (actually i wanted to use it for my in future board). I overclocked it using Memory Intelligent Booster 2 (Gigabyte software) and managed to get from 2.8ghz to 3.3ghz, everything else looked higher than before in CPU-Z. I've tried playing some games in couple of minutes and feels satisfied about the upgrade. The problem is when i restart the comp., it fails to boot up and asked for system disk. What has happened to my comp.? Please help me!!

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