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Flash Security Software Question

Greg Roberts

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Context Flash VoyagerTM USB 2.0 Drive


I want to password protect the USB dive but am not interetsed in having

2 logical USB dirvies .


Currently you can have a non secure drive and a 0 meg secure drive

=> result one USB drive


However when you have the max. secure drive, there is still a min. 8Meg non secure drive

=> result two USB drives when you plug in


=> How can i get just one SB drive which needs a password to get into it ?



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I can't be 100% sure, but it seems that the security s/w needs to be installed to see the secure drive ?


Is this right ?


If so combined with the previous issue of no "single secure drive" (i.e. you get 2 drives) this would be disappointing ..

Surely the cost of some decent s/w can be shared over 1000s of units

and i was quite happy to pay a few dollars more for the mempry.


As i chose the corsair units based on coming with secure s/w.


The old 64Meg drive i have by Flexstor (which might not be in business anymore)

a) allows the drive to be password protected

b) requires no pre-installed s/w on the pc you plug it into

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