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Corsair memory went bad!


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I'm talking about the TWINX2048-3200C2PRO sticks. I was just playing a game and all of a sudden, poof! My monitor goes completely black. At first I just thought "om*g, my brand new system is now good for recycling scrap metal".


First I tested the video, the new video card didn't help POST the system. So I decided to use my older DDR 400 stick into the new system and voila! It POST!


Got the RMA and it's in process of being replaced. But I'm just wondering if you guys had any idea on what actually happened during the failure? I'm talking about the RAM of course...


Thanks for any input!



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I tested each one individually on my older system, the system that doesn't support dual channel. I coudln't get the system to POST with the first stick. On the newer system I even tried the second set of dual-channel slots, but still nothing.
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