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Hello everyone,


My question regards the compatibility of some different types of Corsair memory. I'am curious if I would be able to use Corsair PC6400 memory that has different timings at the same time? i.e. 5-5-5-15 model along with some 4-4-4-12? I currently use two 512MB sticks of 6400 5-5-5-15 and want to upgrade some. Should i stick with the exact same type or is okay to mix? Also curious if I could get EPP on the new memory and still use it with the old.

Thanks so much ahead of time and I look forward to a responce!



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Sorry I didint think to ask this before: does the no mixing rule apply to the size of the memory? Can I safely put two 512's in with two 1GB if every other aspect of the memory is the same?


Only if the two 512's are single-sided and the two 1GB's are double-sided - and only if they all use exactly the same IC chips. But be prepared for some reduction in memory performance due to the additional loading on the memory controller if you exceed four ranks total (two single-sided 512's plus two double-sided 1GB's equal six ranks).


Otherwise, you should not mix the 512's and the 1GB's in the same system, especially if the 512's are double-sided since the double-sided 512's always use completely different IC chips than any 1GB's.

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