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Bad ram 512MbCMX512Pro


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I have a set of 1Gb[2x512]CMX5124000Pro bought early 2004 unfortunately I have lost paperwork for this purchase,so cannot trace supplier.


Switched pc on and got beep signifying memory error,tried reseating memory no good,took 1 stick out booted ok,switched sticks over and memory error beeps.

Tried again with 2 sticks,error.Tried diferent slots in motherboard same results,aslo tried with 2 x 1Gb Corsair worked fine


Tried both sticks in another pc with same result the faulty stick will not boot up pc.

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Thanks for the quick response,on the form it asks for a serial no. of each stick of ram.There isnt one on them perhaps there may have been a serial no. on the packaging but this is long gone.

Do I just ignore this part??


I have twin sets of other Corsair memory which are also lacking this No.

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