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Possible bad XMS 3200 stick


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Greetings! I had to re-install windows, and in doing so, I had a hell of a time. Files weren't being copies over at random intervals, and it was really aggravating. So, out of the blue, I pulled out one of my memory sticks (2x XMS 3200). Windows loaded without a hiccup. I then proceeded to re-install all my anti-virus software, needed programs, etc.


So now I'm back up and running, and I have this other memory module sitting here, and currently only have 1 gig in the system. So I powered down, and put the other stick back in. Suddenly I got an instant blue screen of death right at the windows load screen, system rebooted, and started loading again. This time, it got into windows, but then just reset once again.


I turned the machine off, and once again pulled that same stick. System booted up flawlessly. Now, I turned off my system, pulled out the other "good" stick, and put this second stick in. As soon as I turn the power on, I get this message saying "Bad BIOS Checksum", and it tries to boot off the floppy or cd-rom over and over again. I couldn't even get into the BIOS options.


Turned the computer off, pulled the current stick out of A1 slot on the module, put the known good stick back in, and the system fired up without problems.


Any help on this would be great, otherwise I think I'm going to return this to Newegg since it has a lifetime warranty and see if I can't get a replacement.

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