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VS512MB400 issue


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Hi, I have an issue with a VS512MB400 bought one month adgo or so.

I have my old PC no longer running and it is rebuilt with a brand new MB (Gigabyte GA-K8N51GMF-9) and an AMD64 3000+ proc on which I've plugged my memory module (validated by the memory configurator) in the dealershop. The MB bip and get stuck before the BIOS. The local reseller then tested another memory module and everything runs fine. He also test my VS512MB400 memory module on a benchmark computer that was able to start but not to shut down properly (not able to free the memory according to him). he told me that i had to go through an RMA procedure or pay him to do so.


What do you think? all the main components (MB, PS, Proc) are brand new an working properly.


Thanks in advance


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