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Bad Stick in TWINX2048-3200C2PT


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:evil: Hello All,


I have been using my TWINX2048-3200C2PT ram for about 2 months now and the other day I got a BSOD. :(:


I restarted and windows just hung and wouldn’t load. :mad:


I tried to boot in safe mode with no luck. Then I tried a system restore. :mad:


Finally I tried to do a repair with the windows XP CD and that didn’t work either. :evil:


I finally decided to reload windows from scratch. :(:


I formatted the drive and then it started loading the files and would stop about 25% of the way and say it couldn’t find files. I swapped install disks, DVD drives and the hard drive with no luck. :(:


I decided to pull a stick of ram to see if it would work with 1 stick of ram. :idea:


I worked right away I reload windows and apps then created a back. :sunglasse


Then I put the old chip back in and it BSOD and ruined my install of windows again.


I ran Memtest 86 v1.65 on both sticks and one failed. :(:


I ran the test for 16hrs and got this error code:

Badram = 0x100d6058, 0xd80c6058, 0xd80d7ffc.


I tried the ram in different slots and then put it in my P4 computer and the stick failed every time while the other stick worked fine. :o:


I’m now using the one good stick and I’m going to RMA the other. :o:


If you have any ideas I should try please let me know. :confused:




Rob Rolle

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