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Bad Ram?


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I have 1GB of Corsair Value Select VS512MB400 (2 x 512) in my system. I have been having problems with the computer restarting and it occurs with anything that is RAM intensive (coying things, making DVD's, installing programs.) I replaced the DVD Drive, Power Supply (just in case), and got a new memory card. It was continuing to happen. I had posted on Techguy forums and I was told to try pulling one stick of memory out. I did and it still occured. I have gotten one long beep a few times which according to the MB manual is Memory Issues. I pulled the last stick out and put in a old 256MB 2100DDR and the computer started right up. I was able to do the programs I could not do before and even play Star Wars Battlefront II, which I was not able to do with the Corsair Memory in. The sad thing is that the computer is running faster and is not restarting at all with memory that is I am guessing around 4-5 years old. Any ideas? Should I go for a RMA? I have also updated the bios on the PC.
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