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Corsair Memory XMS2 2GB pack 675MHZ Simply doesnt work with Asus M2NE ;_;


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Hello guys!


Its quite simple, the memories work quite well alone, at 1GB each.


Whenever i put them together (making 2b), whatever the position they have, the computer gets Insanely unstable, crashing completely, bugs all the time, non booting, everything u can think off. its not the Speed, because i manually adjusted it to very low values, even tough, they cant work together in any case!!! its insane!


I checked the asus compatibility list and the corsair Memories are not even on the list... i'm thinking now of trading them for another brand, but im quite unhappy with this corsair pack, which i tought it was a great pack in theory.

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I have heard that if you use the black slots and not the yellow ones on some motherboards it can be more stable. I had memory problems with my comp and it happened to be faulty memory, so try and run MemTest and see if it finds any problems with one of your modules. It could be that one has errors and the other doesn't.


Sorry if I can't be of anymore help. Just thought I would quickly tell you what I have read while looking for solutions to my recent problems.



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ty Mate, altough the problem persists...


System Completely unstable with the 2 memories on dual channel.


the mobo vdimm limit is 1.95, even with the current bios update from August/2006.


The memories go fine in Memtest (each at their own time separated) , but the dual channel only works fine with Value Ram 's. so it isnt the board, its something with this specific board Model and this specific Memories Model that simply isnt compatible.

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