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Recommended Settings for BadAxe C2D Memory Underclock


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I am running a Intel BadAxe motherboard with a 2.13 C2D CPU and:


Corsair Twin2X2048-6400


Each module says 5-5-5-12 800MHz 1024MB XMS2-6400


I am going to underclock my ram to 345.5 MHz (but run the FSB higher than stock so thats 691 MHz at the DDR2 memory rate)


What settings should I use if i am running my ram at 691 MHz instead of 800 X-X-X-X @ what voltage?


Right now I am running really slow settings (691 MHz , 345.5@5-5-5-13 if I remember right from BIOS - thats what CPU-Z says too) and everything is great but I assume I can go faster since I am running below 800 MHz or should I stick with rated 5-5-5-12 - what voltage besides auto in BIOS?



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