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Mixed RAM in Shuttle XPC Issue


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I have a Shuttle XPC Barebones system (SN95G5V3) running the AMD64 3200+ Winchester CPU.


Installed I have 512mb Corsair Value Select RAM, PC3200 400mhz. It is a stick that has copper heatsinks attached to each memory module on the chip.


The RAM works ok in the machine.... but.. !!


When I try to add another stick of RAM to the machine, it doesn't detect the additional RAM.

I have tried adding some Hynix 256mb PC3200 (two different sticks) but to no avail.

I've tried adding some Aeneon 512mb PC3200 but yet again, to no avail.


If I put in the 256mb Hynix on its own, the system recognises it and runs (albeit slowly). If I then shutdown and install either the Corsair or the Aeneon, the 256mb stick disappears and the RAM only increases to 512mb (coming from either of the 512 sticks).


Is this due to the Mobo not liking the 'mixed' brands of RAM.. !?!


I need to run 1GB of RAM in the machine, so have to rectify this issue, or buy some new RAM.

If the choice is to buy new RAM, I want to know which RAM is suitable? Is the Corsair TwinX PC3200 suitable? Therefore, I should know the two 512mb sticks are matched and ensure that dual channel is operational.


Advice appreciated.

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I am sorry but you cannot mix memory with AMD 64! There should be a blurb about it in the user manual, at least there is on almost ever other MB with this chipset I have seen. Sorry but this is a limitation of the memory controller in the CPU!
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User Manual? You expect me to read the User Manual? I'm a man... We don't do that.


The machine was passed onto me from my Brother as he's replaced it with something new (the XPC box I now have is less than 12 months old but he likes to keep up with the Jones'). Therefore, I didn't do the system build and didn't bother reading the manual.


I haven't used an AMD machine for quite some time either (about 4 years), so wasn't aware of the AMD 64, Dual Channel issues....


I've resolve this issue by purchasing 2x1gb PC3200 Matched Pair of RAM, which should arrive today or tomorrow.


Many thanks for the response RAMGUY.

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