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My Flash Voyager may be dead, can't format.


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Kinda a long story, so I guess I'll start at the beginning.


The mother board on my machine I use at work has been acting funky for a while, what with the usb ports having intermittent errors, and the intagrated network card dying whenever a usb device is connected to a certain port, such like that.


I've been using my flash voyager [1 gb, for what it's worth] for a while now, to take files to/from work, and such, commonly using it in that machine.


Last time I plugged it into that machine, it said my drive wasn't formatted, and that I'd need to format it before I could use it. No big deal, I back up my data pretty regularly, so it woudn't be any sweat off my back.


I tried to format, and it just gave me an error, about the drive not being able to be accessed. I assumed this was the fault of the operating system, as I'm beta testing Windows Vista, so I assumed that, and went about my buisness. I'd format it when I got home. Or so I thought.


That was about two weeks ago. I haven't had a chance to sit down with it until just now. Plugged in, picked up and added the drivers [which is weird, as it should aready be added.]. Headed to My computer, and for what it's worth, I double clicked it. No go, must be formatted before use.


So I tried to format. If i did it through the 'right click, format' option, I was given: "The disk is write protected." So I tried it in the disk managment mmc snapin, and it just locked up the snapin, and now when I try to reopen it, it just says "connecting to local disk service."


Restarting my machine, or killing the service and restarting it, I can get back into it. So now I'm thinking I'll try the tool that came with my drive. I recieve this: "Format Disk Fail!".


Now I'm worried. I start checking out this site looking for things to try, in which I found the "Ezrecovery" tool. I screenshotted it, because it made me laugh:




[Dividing by zero, it's a bit of an internet joke, you divide by zero, you rip apart space and time, blah blah. Yeah I'm easily amused.]


So yeah. I'm in a bit of a pickle. Any ideas or suggestions?



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What Operating system are you getting that error on? And are you an Administrator on that system?


Yes sir, this is windows XP Professional [Plus Media Center], and I'm logged in as an administrator. I've gotten this and similar errors on a vast varity of other boxes, ranging from windows 2000 to Vista.

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