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2 Gb Voyager: issue on Asus P4P800


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Are you aware of problems of USB connectivity issues between your Voyager product and the Asus P4P800 motherboard.


I have a 512 stick which works fine although it needs a few seconds to show up in the explorer and my new 2 Gb has erratic behaviour: file transfers stop in the middle, sometimes it is not recognized ... it only happen with the Voyager (the 2 Gb has already been replaced once!)


The bios is not the very latest but recent enough and Asus does not mention USB issues ...


What are your recommendations?

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USB 1.1 on a PCI card : 2 or 3 occupied


USB 2.0 : 4 slots busy at the back: 1 keyboard, 1 mouse, 1 to the screen which then divides into 2 more, and 1 slot for the voyager either directly (not convenient) or with a USB extension cord.


tested voyager on both screen slot and at the back, same issue.

No issue with the 512


Any ideas?


You think about power issues ?

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Ok I did with both 512 and 2 Gb and here is the benchmark :confused: :confused:


512 seems ok (although not as good as ref)



but the 2 Gb ... :eek:



Should I run more tests?

Could my 2 Gbs be in a bad serie? I can still return it to the store but I am afraid it may be wrong again!!

Thanks for your advice! :):



did the same test on a Dell Latitude .. same result


Sorry but couldnt wait so I keep my 512 but I have returned my 2 Gb for another brand.

Still interested if you have a solution because the Voyager is the best value.

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