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P5WDH and TWIN2X2048-6400 - 400 FSB but RAM wont run at 800mhz.


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So I've finnally been able to get my rig to run at 400mhz fsb, problem is that I can't seem to get it to run at 1:1. This RAM is rated at 800mhz but once I get into windows I get a bunch of errors.


These are the settings I've tried most recently.











PCI freq is 110.

Locked at 33.33


So far the only way I can get 400fsb stable is with the RAM set to Auto.


I'm hoping maybe I can get some help with any wrong settings I may have in my bios. I ran memtest a couple times yesterday with 380fsb and RAM at 950mhz 2.1v. It passed 2 runs but I would get random reboots in windows.


Asumming that I can't get them to run at 800mhz, does that mean these sticks are bad?


Later on today I plan to give them a few more runs through memtest and report back.


Oh, and I'm using bios 1401.



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The PCIE Freq should be 100 Mhz and no the memory sounds like its fine you are probably just trying to get too much out of that CPU from what you have posted. Default CPU FSB would be 266 FSB!


Fair enough, I know I'm pushing the CPU alot but I'm just confused since it has been running stable at 400fsb for over 10 hours. I'm only seeing instability when I try to bring the RAM upto get a 1:1 ratio. Pherhaps I am oversimplifying this.


Even with a lower FSB I haven't been able to OC this ram at all.


I changed the pcie freq like you said but still no joy. Any more suggestions as far as settings ?

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Left memtest overnight, I got 22 passes and 1 failure. Failed on Test #3. This is with the RAM at 760mhz and everything else at auto. I'm not sure what voltage auto is but I"m going to run it again with 2.1v just to see. I have a 80mm fan blowing into the ram slots so I should have no temperature issues what so ever.


Should I start testing individual sticks at this point?

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One of these sticks are definetly bad, with the good module I was able to run stable at 400fsb and 800mhz 1:1. With Identical settings, the other stick failed prime95 after about 10 seconds.


I'm going to go through the RMA process with Newegg. I think your engineers need to have a good look at these modules though since a bunch of people have gotten bad sticks. Very abnormal for Corsair....


Crossing my fingers now that I don't end up with another bad module.



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