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Memory Failure


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I've been receiving numerous blue screens and failures to copy setup files when installing Windows. Tried a number of different install cds, both 2K and XP, no change. Currently have 2 1 GB sticks of Corsair memory installed (CMX1024-3200C2). I removed one of the sticks and was able to get the install to work correctly, but it still fails when trying to run off the other stick. Ran memtest86+ on the good stick, no errors. Ran it on the bad stick and received:


Test:0 Errors:0

Test:1 Errors:8176

Test:2 Errrors:4304

Test:3 Errrors:24704

Test:4 Errrors:

Test:5 Errrors:26852

Test:6 Errrors:22010

Test:7 Errrors:

Test:8 Errrors:8730


I'd like to get the stick replaced, can I put in an RMA? Thanks!

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