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How do you check RMA Status if supplier won't help?


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Just over 2 weeks ago I bought my non-working computer into the place I bought it from to get it fixed and after they did some testing they said it was faulty RAM and that they had sent the RAM back to Corsair to be replaced.


However this was about 12 days ago and since then I have heard nothing from them. Upon ringing they say they don't know how long it will take and can't give me any update as to whether the package has even been received by Corsair.


Therefore I am very curious to find out what stage it's at and since I've had no luck dealing with the supplier I was wondering if someone here might be able to help. The only info I have is from their private warranty section on their website which says: ram has been sent on ra 5812


So what I'm wondering is if there is anyway I can check the status on that RA number to see what progress has been made with it? Any help would be muchly appreciated.

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