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Bad Memory Module


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I upgraded my computer's memory about 5 months ago with a pair of Corsair xstreme memory speed modules, part number CMX1024-3200C2PT. All has been fine unitl today.


Earlier today my system halted without warning. I was in the middle of doing some Photoshop work. The system then power on but would not display video nor did it seem to go through any boot sequence based on the drive inactivity. The system was receiving power as the fans, power supply, cd tray, motherboard l.e.d., all were operating.


I first swapped out the video card. Still nothing. I then popped one the one RAM modules, the one in bank 2. My motherboard is designed for hyperthreading so I had two in their originally, one in bank 0, the other in bank 2.


The system started without a problem. The BIOS config recognized the canged and I booted into Windows XP Pro without a problem. I then shut down the system and replaced the RAM module in bank 0 with the the one that I had removed from bank 2. With that RAM module installed, I cannot boot my system, the video does not work, I never seem to get to the BIOS setup at all.


Therefore, one of my Corsair memory modules are defective. Specifically, the one that had been working for over 5 months in bank 2.


I require a replacement memory module. Please advise.


Best Regards,


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