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bad memory module (twinx)


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I have four identical sticks of 512mo each (i.e. two pairs of TWINX). Ref: CMX512-3200XLPT XMS3208V1.2, since january 2005.


My computer used to work perfectly until the last evolution last june (replacing with an AMD X2 3800+ on MB Asus A8N-E), when it started to crash without any apparent reason.


I tried replacing the hard drive, and the graphic card with another, but it did not obtain. So i thought the memory was in cause.

I was confirmed that, running Memtest86+ v1.65. An error was detected on test N°7 on first pass.

I then tested the sticks separately and one of them does not work, but it is part of a pair of TWINX.

Then my quesiton is: how does the CORSAIR lifetime warranty work in this case? ( either on the bad stick or on the whole pair).

thank you

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