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Memory size not displaying correctly in Bios or in Windows


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I recently upgraded my memory to 4 gigs (2x Twin Packs 3200 CPT) but for some reason it's not displaying correctly in the Bios or in Windows XP. I reflashed my Bios to the latest version and it still only displays something like 3667667K. In Windows, it's being displayed as 3.5 Gig.


Before when I had 1 Gig it would display the full amount in both the Bios and Windows. Is there something I need to change?






P4 2.8

Abit IC7-Max3 1.8 Bios

2x Twin Packs 3200 CPT

Win XP Pro


Edit: I think I found the answer here:http://www.houseofhelp.com/v3/showthread.php?t=46419 When I get home I'll see if the Bios has a memory hole option.

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