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Hi to ALL: i have a TROUBLE about a kit of TWINX2048-4400PRO


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HI to ALL!


I have a troble about this kit of CORSAIR that i 've boght from a couple of week:




Here it's MY SYSTEM:




Motherboard: LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D (with last bios:NF4LD406)


Memory : TWINX2048-4400 PRO ( on orange slots for DUAL CHANNEL)

MEM LABEL : XMS4401v1.1 0613122-1




OS : Windows XP Professional with Service PAck 2




Is it possible that at default timngs ( Tcl = 3;Trcd = 4; Tras = 8 and Trp = 4) with 2,70 V on rams at 1T ,275 Mhz,FSB 1:1,HTT at 3x, speed at 2750 MHz

(275 x 10) the PC freezes at second post screen ( where we see IRQ assignment) while if use the cpu mutiplier at 10,5 with the obviusly CPU speed

at 2889 MHz with 1,45 V at the cpu the pc doesn't freeze and the OS is very stable?....I try every mutiplier from 6,5 to 10,5 and the only multi that doesn't function is 10!...9 is good;9,5 is good; 10 is'nt good and 10,5 is good.....i't s very strange for me.........i've tried also 250 x 11 = 2750 ( if the problem was the cpu..)but all is ok......for me this situation is very strange...

Could you explain me the reason?


Then i have some questions:


- do you know a better bios then the latest official that i use for the kit

of corsair that i have?


- are the orange or yellow slots the better for this kit of ram?


- which is the axact volts range fo rthis pair of ram? I ask this question

because on the official PDF file ofo corsair about this kit i saw 2,8 V for

the test at 3-4-4-8 at 275 MHz with amd,while i saw 2,75 V on some

rewiews and 2,8 on others......


- at 3-4-4-8 is better the 1T command or 2T?.....i don't know type of

command because on the official PDF file of this kit there is nothing about




now bye and reply me soon..........

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