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errors in corsair memory sticks


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Memory : VS2GBKIT667DDR2 (2 sticks of 1gig corsair)



Hi there,


I left my computer on for 3 days and at the 3rd day, my computer started to make some errors. An example would be trying to install some programs (note the S... more than 1) and the install would give error like crc error and such or installation failed. So I tought my Windows XP SP2 was beginning to be corrupted. So I backed up my data and did a format and reinstall everything. When I was at the copy step in windows xp, I received a blue screen with the error PAGE_FAULT_ ??? something after that... cant remember. But I know from my experience that this is a memory problem.


So, what I did was I remove 1 memory stick and try to continue the installation (turn power off and remove stick of course) and the first stick I removed didnt change nothing at all. so I did it with the other stick and put the first I removed. After that one, the installation was a breeze... really good. So, to get to the bottom of this, I've put the first memory stick and tested it with memtest86 and did no errors. Then i've put the second one in and tested it with memtest86 and that one did over 20,000 error at 5% completion test. And, to know if the program was right, I tried it with another testing program and I received the same results.... bad memory...


and I was wondering why could my memory go bad... power failure cause I didnt have one... or bad compatibility for my Modo P5ND2-SLI..


and also... I thnk i'll have to request an RMA for my situation.

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Ok, thats already done cause I know that ram was bad.. LOL (especially after 20k errors LOL). But also, is the corsair VS2GBKIT667DDR2 compatible with the asus P5ND2-SLI motherboard ?


note : I upgraded o the latest bios which is 0605 which adds ram compatibility but that do anything... so is that ram compatible. Cause if its not, is it possible to get a replacement with one that is compatible with it.


I don't mind paying more for the difference for it. I just want compatible memory



2. Also, since I already did the tech support express and its been more than 24 hours. Is it possible for them to call me ? (thats what it say right now)

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