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Nautilus Mod's:Finished


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Well I finally got my Nautilus finished. It now has the Laing DDc 18W pump with a Radiical Turbo Top head W/G-1/4 fittings,a Black Ice Pro rad, 108cfm Sunnon.The rad has a coilstock chimney around it from top to bottom, all 108cfm is pulled just through the rad.It has a de-eared swifty res,I have 3 little 40x10 sunnons in the pump and res champer to help keep it cool. The computer I built this for is still in boxes.So I hooked it up to this 3200 Newcastle I'm on now.Everything stock I was getting 32 Idle and 48 Load.With the Nautilus I'm getting 26 Idle and 34 Load, ambient was 21.1 for both. I'm very pleased with the result.My little Compunurse quit working after about 5 minutes,the only problem I've had with it so far. This is my first water cooler I've had they are pretty neat.I'll attach a couple photo's, sorry about the poor quality.




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