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Please help with adding memory to my comp.


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I have an ATV880 ASUS MOTHERBOARD. Currently have 512 MB (2 sticks of 256 MB each) of Value Select DDRAM 256 MB DDR333 PC2700.


Motherboard has two empty DIMMS and will like to purchase 2 more sticks of same to increase to 1 GIG. Is that OK ?...


Also...I am the same guy that last week(under COMPATIBILITY QUESTIONS thread date:09-09-2006 Post ID# 261580)and asked about increasing memory(to 1 gig) on my other computer which has an ASUS K8N Motherboard and you sugested I take out the two sticks of Value Select (of 256 MB each) in order to increase to 1 Gig(buy just one single stick of 1 gig due to the Motherboard specs) if I want to keep the same specs of the memory sticks (that is DDR400 PC 3200) and I think it is an excellent sugestion.


My Question is if I should stay with same Value Select or go for the XMS series and in which DIMM of that motherboard works better one single stick.

Thanks for your help.

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Thanks for yopur reply. But I am ignorant about these things (I am sorry) and need clarification over what your coleage told me in a previos posting.


This is for my ASUS ATV880 which has four DIMMS and right now I have only two sticks of 256 MB Value Select on it.


If I ad two more sticks (of same type) of 256MB each for a total of 4 sticks will I loose memory speed and instead of having DDR 333 PC 2700 I will have a lower setting? IF SO...what is the remedy?


I am in first grade Junior High and I am trying to learn. I have very limited budget cleaning cars to buy my stuff. Can only afford Value Select...sorry.

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