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Checking RMA status?


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How can I check the RMA status of the dimms?


I tracked the faulty package through DHL, it was received by Corsair 13 days ago, and haven't heard anything further.


I've also emailed warranty dept. 2 days ago, and yet to receive a reply.


Case # 193693

RMA # R146202


Is there an automated RMA checking page that I can go to?



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OK NP Please let us know!


Hi RAM GUY, been swamped w/ work. But I managed to run memtest86+ for each of the modules.


Each module was tested @DDR667MHz, timings at 5-5-5-15, vdimm @ 2.1 (+0.2v). Both modules passed 8 passes of testing, will that suffice? Or should I run the test for a longer period of time?

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