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1066 ram causing BSOD?


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Just built a new system but am plagued by two different BSOD's during games (UT 2004). Also cant even overclock my FSB to 280mhz without my pc not booting. the error messages for the blue screens are "IRQL not less than equal" and "PFN list corrupt". ive tried to run my timings manually (5-5-5-15) and in auto mode. when i run sandra it says i should enable ECC for the memory but i cant find anything like that in the bios. CPU-Z/memory page says under timings that my frequency is 400 mhz with a FSB:DRAM is 2:3 with all the memory timings mentioned above. What dosent really jive to me is that the SPD page says that both slots are occupied by max bandwith memory of PC2-6400 (400 mhz) but displays the correct part number CM2X1024-8500C5. Data down in the timings table is as follows:


Frequency: 533mhz

Cas#latency 0.0

RAS#to CAS# 5

RAS# Precharge 5

Tras 15

Trc 30

Command Rate 2T


on the cpu tab under the clocks section it says my core speed is of course 2400 mhz while my bus speed is 266.7 and the rated FSB is 1066.7 respectively.



when i search the net about these i mostly come up with the idea that my memory is faulty. its not a big deal but i need to know if i should rma this set for another since its only been about a week or so since i got it from newegg. Hopefully though i can just make some kind of setting changes and be stable then. I built this system to be an overclocker but dont have any experience with DDR2. Hope this is where the problem is.


Thanks for any advice/help in advance!

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