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Why my Corsair Voyager 2Go is so slow


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When I write to the voyager key, the write speed is very slow and unstable.

Two tests

For small files less than 10 Ko

Average speed 0.8 Mo/s

Maximum speed 14.4 ( before I start the test)

Minimum Speed 0.4 Mo/s ( Most Of the times)

CPU usage 21%


with a 135 Mo file

Average speed 0.7Mo/s

Maximum speed 13.2Mo/s ( Before I start the test)

Minimum speed 0.2Mo/s (Most of the times)

CPU usage 13.2%



Does someone knows what happened, I can not use the key with thoses speed???

One information, when I does nothing, the speed is at 14.4 Mo but as soon as I write something the speed goes down.




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I also have a 2Go Voyager. While using Norton Commander when copying my files I noticed the sloow transfer rate, something around 350kb/s. That was horribly annoying.

The other day I made an experiment and used NC's advanced capability (big file copy mode) and set the buffer for Source and Targed on different physical drives at 10240. The transfer rate pleasantly jumped at 6Mb/s. It doesn't go too near 15Mb/s but for me it's acceptable. :):

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