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Assistance for the new guy..

crazy c

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Hello to all, i am hoping someone here can assist me with my problem.

My system is NEW


CPU Intel E6600 Core DUO

Memory Twin2X1024-5400C4 (2gb)

PSU 750 Thermaltake PSU

Inno3D 7900gtx

CPU running standard @2.40ghz Voltage 1.136v Core Speed 2400.1, muliplier x9.0 Bus speed 266.7 rated 1066. But not stable i am geting many window freezes and occaisonal out of memory messages. This is all default with no chages other than 0614 latest bios upgrade.


I beleive my problem may be related to memory timings

In CPUZ it shows DDR2 2048MBytes Dual channel

( installed in yellow modules 1 and 3)

Frequency 333.3


Cas 5.0 clocks

Ras to cas 5.0

Ras Pre 5 clocks

Cycle 15

SPD shows my max bandwith PC2-5300 (333MHz)

yet it is 5400 ???

The frequency table shows 266mhz and 333 mhz settings

i know my ram is 4 4 4 12 rated.

I am at a lost and total newbie as I know my sestem should be kick *** but it appears to be falling over most likely to not having changed some basic settings.

Any help would be appreciated.


crazy c

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Many thanks Ram Guy. I have included some screenies as I still think there is a setting that may be wrong.





Slot 1


Slot 2


Can you please advise if these are correct. The system appears to be stable. I do not wish to overclock however i wish it to reflect what it should be.

Again many thanks

craZy C

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