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Cmfusbsf2.0-512 ?


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Hi RamGuy:


Question re:CMFUSBSF2.0-512 Flash Drive, does it conform to the USB 2.0 Specs and include a true individualized GUID? I have a software program that demands a "unique" ID Serial Number & GUID code to work (their way of preventing "piracy").


Also in looking at the Specs, I don't find any related to Read/Write Speeds for this particular product (others listed @ 19MB). Can you provide #'s for my records?


Thanks in advance for info.


Dave - Archivist

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  • Corsair Employees

Yes please see the Flash Product Page!

Corsair is a member of the industry module design body, JEDEC, the Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council, which defines memory standards. In addition, Corsair is a member of these governing boards: Compact Flash Association, Secure Digital Association and USB Flash Drive Alliance.

*CMFUSB2.0-2GB and CMFUSB2.0-4GB support 19MB/s read, 9MB/s write

That includes all of the Flash Voyager products, but the results may varry depending on the make and model of your system and the size of the flash drive.

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