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Aspire AS5102WLMi-MCE and VS1GSDS533D2?


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I am going to purchase this Acer notebook and would like to use the listed ValueSelect module. The notebook comes with a single 512mb stick; I want to add the Corsair stick for a total of 1.5mb.


You do not list this model notebook in your configurator.


Several people on Newegg report adding a 512mb ValueSelect stick with no problems. But one guy says he tried two separate 1gb ValueSelect sticks and both failed; he went with Kxxxxxxn, which does list a $160 stick as compatible. That's more than I want to spend though.


Can you confirm whether adding the 1gb VS stick to the 512mb factory setup should or should not work? I'd really like to use your product, but no one but Kxxxxxxn of the majors lists this notebook in their configurators.



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Yes sorry about that I missed you post that it was not listed.

But I don’t see ant technical information for the model of your NB listed on their site; I would suggest you use a module that’s suggested but the maker of your system.

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