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Flash Voyager Utility don't work with Bricopacks


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Hi there!

I just got a Flash Voyager 1G. I plugged to my computer, everything was OK, it was recognized immediately (with 977MB). I use Windows XP SP2 with a windows modification pack called Bricopack Vista Inspirat (changes XP appearance and icons to look like Windows Vista).


Then, I installed the Utility bundled with the miniCD and tried to partition the drive nothing happened. My HDD led started to flash and it didn't stop. I had to Ctrl+Alt+Del and finish the Utility. Tried this several times and the same happened... I tried in EZRecover...the same. Uninstall and Reinstall the Utility...SAME.


I formatted through Windows Explorer and eveything went OK. 977MB with FAT and 976MB with FAT32.


Decided to try another computers. First I tried another one with the Bricopack and the Utiity didn't work either.

Then I used a "clean" Windows XP and...UTILITY WORKS!! Partitioned the drive and it was immediately recognized.

Came back to the machine with the Bricopack and it worked, after partition or format in a clean XP(without the modification pack).


So, if you have a pack like this installed or plan to install one, keep this in mind... Flash Voyager Utility don't work well with Bricopacks.


Best Regards

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Thanks for letting us know, but you should contact the maker of the software as well. They should not change the Windows desktop to affect software like that, and I am sure there is other software that will have problems with it too.
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