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Corsair Nautilus 500 Radiator Modification


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I noticed a really cool thread over at Legit Reviews a couple weeks ago that I thought I'd share here for you all to ponder. Legit Reviews reviewed the Nautilus 500 way back in Feburary and has been using it ever since. It seems like they wanted better performance so they tried changing out the CPU block, Radiator, and 120mm fan with different designs. They ended up keeping the original CPU block, but changed the radiator and used a 120mm fan that had blue LED lights in it.




The post is well worth a read for anyone trying to get the most performance out of their Nautilus 500 purchase and not worried about voiding the warranty.



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That's a nice job he did with the radiator. I put a BI Pro in mine to get away from using 90 degree elbows on the rad,also I can use a 120x38 mm fan,Sunon 108 cfm.I've put in the new 18 watt laing ddc with a Radiical Turbo Top.Replaced the res with a swifty micro-res. The rad has a chimney around it from top to bottom,all the aiflow is pulled through the rad. I have 3 little 40x10mm Sunnons blowing around in the other chamber. I'll enclose a couple of pic's, I'm still not done with it , I'm painting the small parts right now ought to have it all togather in a few days. It's great fun!!!


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