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Asus P4P800 Deluxe & corsair Twinx1024-3200XLPRO XMS v1.1


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I have been getting blue screen errors for a long time and hesitated to fix em cos sometime ago i tested the memory on dualchannel and found them to be defective according to memtest so i hesitated to return em cos i have to b without one for long time

. Recently i tried to burn DVD-9 and the system crashed while it was burning which was the last straw.



I have:

P4p800 deluxe Asus motherboard

Intel P4 3 ghz

I have 2 X cmx512-3200XLpro ram by Corsair XMS series which I run on dual channel latency 2.5-2-2-5

x700 ATI graphics

Windows XP SP2



I did run memtest 86+ v1.65 and ran on dual channel and placed them on blue slots which gave errors on

Test 3 - 279

Test 4 -492

test 5- 298

Test 6 - many errors

on 54 passes

The CAS was 2.5-2-2-5

and i tested all BIOS memory


Then I ran each individual RAM on single channel on both the slots which gave no errors!

Strangely while I had one of the RAM I still got Page_fault blue screen errors. IS the setting of RAM on BIOS wrong? I would appreciate any help


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