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Intel D946GZIS and Corsair DDR2 667 VS


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I was happily building my new system when out of sudden the windows instalation crashed miserably with a BSOD.


I couldn´t believe it was a memory issue. And it wasn´t, well not exactly.

The Intel D946GZIS board detected my pair of corsair vs sticks as DDR2 667 with timings 5-5-5-15. At this configuration nothing worked and memtest ended with red errors.


I manualy set it to DDR2 533 with timings 5-5-5-15 and everything is working now.


Is there anything i can do to possible get this combo running harmoniously @DDR667???


I atempted BIOS update with no avail to this issue.


Timings suggestions?


Any help?


Thanx in advance.

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Thanks for the reply.


My cpu is a E6300 so its FSB runs at 1066 Mhz.


Unfortunately the Intel BIOS doesn´t allow me to set the voltage. I also looked for jumpers and such to no avail.


I believe that would solve the problem but intel doesn´t like the idea.


I asked for a bios update at intel´s support site and everything that i got was an automatic reply.


I guess what is left to me is advice everybody to stick away of intel motherboards, they don´t like our ram.




ps-> if anything can be done please let me know

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STAY AWAY FROM THE BIOS "BIOS Update 0047 [TS94610J.86A]" for this Intel Board.

It made the Corsair VS 667 not to run with ANY POSSIBLE settings!!!!!!!!:mad:


I don´t know maybe Corsair could use the right channels to make intel fix these annoying problems.


I´m trying to go back to "BIOS Update 0040 [TS94610J.86A]" which worcked with 533Mhz@3-3-3-9.


I´ll keep you posted.

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