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GA-965P-DQ6 and CM2X1024-6400 @ 400MHz???


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I'm hoping you can help me. I am running a E6600 CPU in my GA-965P-DQ6 motherboard, and I've installed CM2X1024-6400 RAM and it is working in dual channel mode.


CPU-Z tells me my memory is operating at 400Mhz, and that my timings are 5-5-5-18. I'm totally lost on how to make this run at the full 800MHz and how to tighten my timings. What are the best settings to tweak in the BIOS for this? Do you know the exact setting and value?


Anyone who knows please chime in! Thanks to all!!

PS - Slot2 and Slot4 read the same in CPU-Z (reference for the screenshots attached of CPU-Z)





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it says its running at 400 mhz cuz its DDR (double data rate.) It is running at DDR2-800 just as you bought but the timings should be 5-5-5-12. Download and run something called "Orthos beta." It will test your system's stability. If it can run for 6 hours I think your ok.


My particular ram (this same model) would give me errors just after 20 minutes of running at it's specs (DDR2-800 1.9v 5-5-5-12)


I returned mine and am going with King's ton...

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EvanC and Ram Guy,

I have changed my memory timings in the BIOS to 5-5-5-12, and I set the System Memory Multiplier to 2.0. Now, CPU-Z says my memory is running in 1:1 with the FSB, but it is only running at 266.7MHz. How do I get it back to 400 and keep it at 1:1 with the FSB?


Does anyone have this same setup? Thank you all! (I have 2 more screenshots)



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DDR2 Memory runs at:

DDR2-533 = 266 Clock Frequency 2 X 266 = DDR2 533

DDR2-667 = 333 Clock Frequency 2 X 333 = DDR2 667

DDR2-800 = 400 Clock Frequency 2 X 400 = DDR2 800

DDR2-1066 = 533Clock Frequency 2 X 533 = DDR2 1066


Intel CPU:

533 MHz = 133 MHz Clock Freq. 133 X 4

800 MHz = 200 MHz Clock Freq. 200 X 4

1066 MHz = 266 MHz Clock Freq. 266 x 4

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The definitions help me understand how all of this translates, and I appreciate it. So in order to get the memory to run 1:1 with the FSB, the FSb must be set to 800Mhz (200Mhz x 4)? I'm still confused as to how all of this translates into BIOS settings.


Thank you all!

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