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Bad Memory Modules


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I've been having random problems with Windows XP lately, so I decided to reload Windows XP from scratch. When I attempt to install, 100% of the time I get a BSOD with a "STOP 0x0000007E" error.


When I use memtest86 to test the memory, I receive hundreds of errors per second.


My setup is as follows:


Asus A8N Sli-Deluxe, with the latest bios, which is 1017.4, I use all the default settings for memory and CPU. I do not overclock.


AMD X2 3800 CPU.


Matched set of CMX1024-3200C2 (Also says XMS3202 v2.1, 0616077-0, CL2)

purchased at Frys Electronics as a pair in the same package.


When using replacement memory, memtest86 reports zero erros, and Windows XP installs correctly.


Is there something I am missing, or should I request an RMA for these modules?

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