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Bad RAM stick


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I believe I have a RAM stick that has gone bad, the warranty information says I should post here before getting an RMA.


The part number is CMX1024-3200C2.


I bought two identical sticks in April and lately have had a lot of instability in Windows. Three days ago, windows started bluescreening when I boot up (before I even see the GUI).


After a bunch of narrowing down I found that if I leave just one stick of memory installed, windows boots fine. If I add the bad stick, it bluescreens again. If I remove the good stick and replace it with the bad stick (only have the bad stick installed) windows bluescreens again when I boot.


Anyway, I'm not really looking for help to troubleshoot this or fix it without returning the memory. I'm convinced it is completely shot. I'm posting here because the warranty info on the main corsair page said that I needed to.




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Hello -


Yes the version numbers are the same (XMS3202v2.2).


I dont think they are a TwinX pack (but I'm not sure how to determine that).


I'm also not sure how to determine what speed or voltage they are being run at. The BIOS setup says [auto] for DDR clock speed and 2.6v for voltage - but i'm not sure if that's what you're looking for or not.


Also - I forgot to mention that the computer has started hanging often in the POST process while doing the memory check.

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Well I replaced only the one stick that seemed to be bad, and received the replacement. Thank you :)


However, the other stick is also now exhibiting the same behavior. The system will not boot with it installed. If I remove it, my computer boots fine.


Should I start another thread on this, or can you approve an RMA for that one now too?


I also noticed the replacement memory shipped to me was a previous version (v 2.1, vs. the v 2.2 that I sent in to be replaced). Is that to be expected?



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