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Connect multiple Voyager drives?


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Thanks for replying. I will try it in a few days when I get my second one.


Seems from the Corsair Urility program you could not use that while two are connected. I dodn't see any prompts for multiple drives. That would not be a problem since you only do it once, or rarely.


In terms of drive leter assignments I found a useful utility, USBDLM, that forces a fixed drive letter assignment for removable drives. Works!

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Works as I predicted. As long as you Format/Partition separately, both drives work. You get two password prompts. BUT.....


I also bought a new "mini" USB hub, not powered. When I plug the flash drives into that, I do not see either drive. XP beeps like it found them, but they are not assigned a letter and are not visible. The password prompt does not come up.

Have you tried this? My suspicion here is that the Voyager Flash drives are already set up as a hub, so this would be 2 cascading hubs which windows may not like. Any idea?

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