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Stability issues with TWIN2X2048-8500C5 & ASUS Mobo


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I've just built a system with these components :

CPU : Intel X6800 (Cooled by Zalman CNPS9500-AT)


MEMORY : TWIN2X2048-8500C5

GPU : XFX 7950GX2

Various HDD

All in an Antec P180 case.


Now, try as I might I CANNOT get the system stable at anything above stock speed. As soon as I try to raise the FSB and then run the PRIME 95 torture test the PC will freeze after 15mins to 3hrs. It just stops. PRIME doesn't report any errors all this time.


I've tried various things such as manually entering the memory timings (as taken from the SPD) for 800MHz. I've tried slightly raising the voltage on the CPU.


Oddly the Core temperature rarely reaches about 60C and the system temp is about 38C.


When i look at the AI Booster panel I can see the Memory voltage is 1.85 (even though the rated value for these modules is 2.2), the CPU voltage is 1.25, the PCIE voltage is 1.50V


Now when Custom PC overclocked the X6800 they got it perfectly stable at 3.6GHz on air (they were using and Intel board).


Could the problem be that my memory is too high a spec for this mobo?


Should I be using a lower rated memory? Or should I just wait for the new mobos due out soon (any ideas which?)


Any insight on how I can get this rig stable would be appreciated. There is sooo much extra oommph in the CPU that it is criminal not to use it. 3.4GHz is my goal, if I could get 3.6GHz that would be a dream.


Over to you..... (BTW if you need more info on the rig then please let me know - and the BIOS on the mobo was flashed to the absolute latest a few days ago)

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I have the same memory and mobo. It took me 3 installs of XP to figure out the problems with this board, I had the same issues as you. I had to lower my memory speed to 667 and raise the memory volts to 2.1 at default timings for the memory. I can not overclock the FBS at alL. The system still won't restart correctly, but I came herd reboot fine. Everthing else since then everything has been stable. Hope this helps.
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