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Asus A8N-E and 2 set of TWIN2048-3200C2PT


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I have one set of TWIN2048-3200C2PT and wondering if I can add another 2gb of the same part on an A8N-E. Does anyone tried that configuration with that mobo?


I saw on other threads that you need to have both kit on the same revision to be able to work. Is there a software that can tell me wich revision I have?



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Why would you need software when it has a LABEL? (the answer's no BTW)

How To Read the Memory Label


Why more than 2 GB?


Everquest 2 takes 99% of my memory. And I want to keep some head room for the system.


If i cannot add another TWIN2048-3200C2PT, can I had 2gb from another model of memory or it's not advisable?


Thanks Wired for quick reply 8)

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No, the "the answer's no BTW" referred to the statement right before it, where I stated why yould you need software when the info you're asking about is right on the label. To clarify, there is no software to get, as the info you are looking for is on the label, not within the information contained on the SPD chip in the memory stick.


2 GB should be more than enough for EQ 2. Also, when you add more than 2 sticks, your overall memory speed will slow down due to limitations in the CPU's memory controller (depending on which CPU core you have).


Long story short, unless you're doing something hardcore, like 3D graphic work, or running a large database, it's not worth going above 2 GB.

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