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CMX1024-3200C2 issues


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I purchased the CMX1024-3200C2 and my system and Win XP recognizes the memory fine. However, whenever I try to load any type of memory intensive games or programs, they either crash or they show strange graphical corruption. (like streaks of light or something)


I have eliminated the problem down to the memory chip as everything runs fine with my old pc2700 512 MB chip in.


Corsair's website said that my motherboard (Shuttle AN35(N) Ultra) was compatible with this DIMM module, which is why I bought it.


I have tried changing the DIMM location, changing the timings of the memory and everything else I know to do but to no avail.


I also have a pending Case # as well, have got no e-mail from there and when I tried calling the 1-888 number, I just got an answering machine. Heh.


Has anyone else had these graphical problems before? Anyone know how to fix them? *hopes*


Processor is AMD Athlon XP, 2000 Mhz Thoroughbred-B.

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That'd be a negative Wired as my old memory is pc2700 and the new one as pc3200.


This occurs with it as the only memory module used.


Edit Add: Ah yes, I have ran Memtest86 on the new module and I have not seen any errors show up on 1-2 runs of it.


However, someone I know told me that running memory intensive games and such utilizes different areas of the memory DIMM and that the standard test of Memtest might not be able to accurately reproduce what is being utilized and happening within the memory module itself under those conditions.

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First off, what clockspeed are you trying to run the new PC3200 memory at? (Your Athlon XP 2000+ runs on only a 133MHz actual FSB clockspeed for an effective 266MHz FSB bandwidth.)


Second, with this platform you shouldn't run your memory at a faster actual clockspeed than your processor's actual FSB clockspeed without risking serious stability issues. (This means that with your CPU, you should run your memory only up to PC2100 speed.)


Third, I suspect that your motherboard's BIOS, when set to automatic memory detection by SPD, the memory clockspeed defaults to 200MHz/DDR400, which is much higher than your CPU's FSB speed. This can -- and does -- cause the stability issues that you describe.

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Ok RJ, I'll re-look at all of those settings again.


This system is pretty flexible in overclocking my FSB speed and the likes and it'd probably be ok to Overclock it somewhat to try and achieve maximum speed, as long as I don't get dangerous temperatures from my system.


I'll check into everything you said and try some of that out.


Add: Can I get a link to the formula for the FSB speeds and all please?

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Ok, I was on vacation hence the delay in my response.


I lowered the modules speed to match my FSB speed and I'm still getting the graphical problems and crashes with games.


I'm getting really frustrated with this as I've had this DIMM module since early June and it's just sitting and collecting dust in it's package. :sigh!:

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